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    Welcome to my e-portfolio.

    I am a Learning Specialist in Literacy and Research (also known as a teacher-librarian) at an International Baccalaureate independent school in Vancouver, Canada. I completed a Master of Education in Teacher-Librarianship at the University of Alberta in 2013.

    This "Learning Chrysalid" is a place for continuing my learning about education and teacher-librarianship, usually with a science fiction theme. I equate my continuing metamorphosis with moving from teacher-librarian pupa to butterfly status, or in Star War-ese, moving from being a Padawan to a teacher-librarian Jedi.

    My blog is generally a professional one, but my perspective is coloured by being a mom to two boys in elementary school. It's also not been updated in a long while, but I hope one day to start writing again.

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A Reflection of Web 2.0 Learning: The Stuff of Science Fiction, Now My Reality…

finl blog intro, posted with vodpod “Much to learn you still have…my old padawan.” – Yoda (Lucas, 2002) “This is just the beginning!” – Count Dooku (Lucas, 2002) I am am verging on Web 2.0 Jedi status. I can feel the Force. At times, I think I can control it. But, at least compared my … Continue reading

Blogging: Captain James T. Kirk Reflects on the Hypnotic Effect of Alien Women

“Personal log, Stardate 3620.7. Have I the right to jeopardize my crew, my ship for a feeling I can’t even put into words? No man achieves Starfleet Command without relying on intuition, but have I made a rational decision? Am I letting the horrors of the past distort my judgment of the present?” – James … Continue reading

Twitter: Going Light Years (and Sabers) Above and Beyond Breakfast Updates

“…Twitter [is] a “mail-order service of awesome” – Kyle Newman, director of a film about Star Wars Fans called Fanboys In this article, Kyle Newman appreciates Twitter for its users’ ability to distribute information and receive updates, and took advantage of it to promote to his film, which had a low marketing budget. He notes … Continue reading

Social Networking and Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon Series

“Challenges are not simply individually faced frustrations, Promethean mountains to climb alone, but mutually shared, to be redefined, solved, resolved, or worked around—together.” (Davidson, Goldberg, & Jones, 2009, p. 32) “Coming back from the dead can be rough.” – Takeshi Kovacs (Morgan, 2002, first line of Ch. 1) Imagine a world where your consciousness can … Continue reading

Presentation and Multimedia Mashup Tools: Something Different in John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids and in the Use of Web 2.0 Tools.

Is PowerPoint “evil”? If PowerPoint is the only communication tool we’re teaching our students — at any level — we have a serious problem. The same is true if PowerPoint is the only teaching tool we use to impart information to our students. If we are choosing any communication genre or tool to the absolute … Continue reading

Wikis: Glocal Connectivity and Doctorow’s For the Win

The cumulative effect of so many interwoven stories is that new ones feel like a layer of the previous. While each of the narrators could have easily been the star of his or her own book, they are instead strands of Doctorow’s global web, proving that everything’s interconnected. – Emily Pohl-Weary (2010) Pohl-Weary’s quote above, … Continue reading

Podcasting and The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Will we break free from our chrysalis as a strange but sturdy night-embracing moth defying expectations of the expected butterfly? Or will we be forced by education as we largely know it to present ourselves as the expected thing of beauty- a traditional factory model teacher – to those unwilling to evolve and change to … Continue reading

Social Bookmarking and The Goblin Reservation

You know we have literacy for the masses when the English-Lit creeps start the bar room brawl…and you know you are really in trouble when even the token Neanderthal finds them too rowdy. Wha??? you ask. You know, what with our folksonomies and all. Tagging has democratized information organization in social bookmarking. There is potential … Continue reading

Video Sharing: How to Stick it to the Man When that Man is Darth Vader and Other More Practical Uses

“Who better to recruit [for a resistance movement] than a librarian when you’re dealing with a fledgling dictatorship?” – Stephen King, Under the Dome, 2009, p. 719 If you want to know how I suggest video streaming can be used to deal with Darth Vader (and for that matter the Evil Emperor Darth Sidious), watch … Continue reading

Critical Thinking and Personal Development Through Photo Sharing: Transcending a Bit ‘O Star Wars Fun

What did I gain when I combined Star Wars and photo sharing? The knowledge that I am not alone in Geekdom. My idea was clearly not original. But I hope you enjoy my take on the topic anyway, because for the purposes of this post (a grad class assignment), I needed to find a relevant … Continue reading

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TLkirsten's Learning Chrysalid

A Research and Resources Learning Specialist's Reflections and Portfolio

MYP & DP Libraries

Your virtual learning commons community, accessible 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

TLkirsten's Learning Chrysalid

A Research and Resources Learning Specialist's Reflections and Portfolio